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Head-to-head: Apprentice finalists
The third series of The Apprentice reaches its climax on Wednesday, with two budding big shots doing battle for a 100,000-a-year job with Sir Alan Sugar.

The finalists have been shedding light on their time on the show - and putting the case for why they should get the job.


Apprentice finalists Simon Ambrose and Kristina Grimes

Age: 27 Age: 36

MA Economics BSc Hons Mathematics

Which of the other Apprentice candidates did you get on with best?

Tre was my buddy, he was my ally, even if at times there was lots of gamesmanship and one-upmanship between the two of us.

He had a mouth on him and I sat him down very early on and told him to watch his temper if he wanted to win. But he calmed down over the course of the 12 weeks.

There were two people that I would look to to say: 'God what a day I've had.' That was Naomi - who was also my bedroom buddy, we gave each other an incredible amount of support - and Tre.

There is a softer side to him and we could sit on the couch at the end of the evening and know each person wasn't going to stab the other in the back.

Who did you get on with least?

No-one. I didn't have any problem with anyone. The producers.

Me and Naomi had a bit of a rivalry, but I've got respect for her. I saw her not so long back. I'm in contact with Naomi actually.

Sir Alan could make me a millionaire in five or 10 years time if I get involved in some big deals

There is the obvious one. When I first met Katie, there was something about her I didn't trust. But you don't hear me being derogatory towards Katie because I wasn't.

There was one focus and that was thinking I had to go and outperform myself, outperform everyone else. It wasn't that I didn't get on with her, I just chose to ignore her because she would have just proved to be an unworthy distraction.

In which task did you perform the best?

Doing the whole rapping and dancing thing [in the trainer task] was fun and amusing, and gave me a chance to shine and come into my own - not necessarily in a business manner, but it was fun nevertheless.

I'm quite a creative person, so I quite liked the idea of dancing and jumping up and down. That was enjoyable.

The one where I stood out was the art task. I negotiated so well, I managed the team, I did everything right - and put Tre in the basement so he wouldn't upset anybody.

And it was a landslide, virtually. I think it's probably one of the biggest victories ever in the history of The Apprentice. And I do take credit for that.

What was your biggest mistake?

Obviously there are always going to be mistakes made along the way, as there will be in any situation where you're under intense pressure to deliver and make decisions quickly.

I wish I'd positioned the trampoline in a slightly different way before I started screwing the legs onto it. Apart from that, no regrets.

If you make a mistake, you've got to treat it as a learning curve rather than getting hung up on it. The shopping channel wasn't my strength whatsoever. Both of us, to be frank, were absolutely useless at it.

But it's the one task for me that's got no bearing on my future, so it's the best one to cock up on.

Apart from each other, who was your greatest competition?

Tre was a formidable force to be reckoned with. He was steadfastly determined he wasn't going to compromise his personality for the sake of other people.

He played it how he wanted to play it and he did very well. But he's quite a character and that's a lot to take on for Sir Alan.

Tre is an incredibly bright guy - his logic and assumptions were usually fairly accurate. But then you realise very, very quickly that there is his temper.

That needs to be toned down because that can't be put into any organisation. He won seven tasks and we cannot take that away from Tre.

Why should you be The Apprentice?

I'm at an age now where if Sir Alan takes me on, he can make a fundamental difference to my life.

In all possibility, he could make me a millionaire in five or 10 years time if I get involved in some big deals with him. I'm at the age now where I'm at a crossroads and if he gives me the job, I could go onto much bigger and better things.

I can fundamentally make a difference to Sir Alan and one of Sir Alan's organisations.

Anything that I've ever done, I've brought in successes. If he wants somebody who can go into his business, recognise a niche market, turn it around, bring him in more profit and not need to be guided at the same time, then I am his apprentice.

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