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Talking Shop: Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland
Rowland won a Grammy for her duet with Nelly, Dilemma
R&B singer Kelly Rowland was a founding member of the world's best-selling female group, Destiny's Child.

Along with Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams, she won three Grammy awards before picking up one of her own for the 2003 solo single, Dilemma.

Following the break-up of Destiny's Child last year, Rowland is back with a new single, Like This.

As she prepares to release her album, Ms Kelly, the 26-year-old talks about relationships and the possibility of a Destiny's Child film.

Q: Your album was originally scheduled for last year, but its only being released now. Was it a hard record to write?

A: It was a long time - I've been working on it for about a year and a half almost, but I've had so much fun. Everything about it has been awesome.

Q: There's more of a rough edge to the songs than on your last record. How did that come about?

A: I just wanted to dance a little bit and make the fans dance a little bit, too!

Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child had 12 top 10 hits in the UK with songs like Survivor
Q: How many of the songs did you co-write?

A: I'd say just about all of them. If I didn't write them then I definitely told the writer exactly what I wanted - which basically is what writing is!

Q: Are you quite bossy, then?

A: Not so much bossy but I knew exactly what I wanted!

Q: So what did you want? Is there a theme to the record?

A: Basically, I wanted people to notice me as Kelly Rowland the singer, not just Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child. I don't want to be funny when I say that - Destiny's Child is the reason why I'm here and it's part of my history - but at the same time I'm feeling my own space.

Q: There's a song on there called Still In Love With My Ex...

A: People always pick up on that title! Do you know what? That song is a very vulnerable song for me.

Kelly Rowland
In addition to singing, Rowland has acted in horror film Freddy vs Jason
Q: How did it come about?

A: I was in the studio with (producers) Soulshock and Carlin. We were recording a song already, but I felt the need to start another one - so I asked them for some tracks. They gave me a CD and this one just stood out.

I felt like it was just tugging at my heart and I didn't know exactly what it was saying. But then I actually spoke it out loud. I said"I'm still in love with my ex" and I kind of freaked myself out! Next thing I know, my hand started shaking and tears started rolling down my eyes and I just started writing.

People always ask if it's personal. Yes, it is personal. But I'm not in love with the ex any more!

Q: Is it hard to bare your soul like that in the studio and then have to share it with the public?

A: When I played this song for Michelle and Beyonce they kind of looked at me crazy. Like, "I can't believe you admitted that! Do you know how many people don't want to admit that they're still in love with their ex?" But I am proud of that record.

Q: You co-write with Beyonce's sister Solange on the album. Are you still quite close to the family?

A: Oh yeah. I call Beyonce's mom my mom, I grew up with them. B and Solange are my sisters.

Kelly Rowland
Rowland has sold more than 100 million records worldwide
Q: Did you catch up with Beyonce while she was filming Dreamgirls?

A: I did. I was on set with Beyonce and watched her just go into character. It was just awesome. She was so focused. I mean, to lose the weight and become so wrapped up in that role... I was just floored by her performance.

Q: Beyonce's group in Dreamgirls was a little bit like Destiny's Child. Do you think there will ever be a movie about you?

A: Well, in Destiny's Child we weren't trying to kill each other, so I don't know if that would make a very good film! The only thing that happened to us is that we switched a couple of members. People would be like: "This is a boring story!"

Kelly Rowland was speaking to BBC News entertainment reporter Mark Savage. Her single, Like This, is out now and the album, Ms Kelly, is released in July.

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