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Big Brother race row transcript
Late at night on the day Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty had an explosive argument in Celebrity Big Brother, the housemates had conversations that were not broadcast.

Channel 4 has now released the transcripts, which are published below and contain strong language.


Jade Goody on Big Brother
Jade Goody referred to Shilpa Shetty as "Shilpa Poppadom"
Jo O'Meara - No?

Jade Goody - Nothing.

Jo - Bad?

Jade - No, not really, but yeah, really. Yeah?

Danielle Lloyd - What's there to say?

Jo - You're allowed to say.

Jade - [Inaudible] get in trouble.

Cleo Rocas - No, you can't say anything. All I can tell you it was 24 hours later.

Big Brother - This is Big Brother. Could Danielle come to the diary room?

Jade - 24 hours later?

Jo - Yeah, that you got told off.

Danielle - I can't even remember saying anything.

Jade - I think I know. I don't think it's anything naughty like that. I think that... maybe Danielle used the 'P' word.

Jo - Oh, really?

Jade - Maybe.

Cleo - I don't even know what 'P' word means. Don't tell me, though.

Jo - Oh, you're kidding. That's bad.

Jade - No, I can imagine her saying that under her breath.

[Deletion of defamatory reference to a third party outside the house for legal reasons]

Jo - Oh, that's not good.

Jade - Maybe she didn't. Maybe I'm just thinking it.

Jo - Oh, that's naughty, naughty, naughty that is.

[The group talk about wine]

Cleo - I'm trying to work out what the 'P' word is.

Jade - Did you use the 'P' word?

Danielle - What's the 'P' word?

Jack Tweed - It rhymes with 'tacky'.

Jo - Keep it nice and discreet there Jack.

Danielle - I don't know.

Jade - When the argument was going on, did you use the 'P' word that rhymes with 'tacky'?

Danielle - No.

Jade - That's what I thought. I thought, I can imagine her saying that under her breath or something.

Danielle - I don't use them words.

Jo - Good.

Jade - That's a good thing. I can't imagine her going: 'Oh, fuck off you?'


[Cross talk]

Cleo - Just my luck.

Jade - What happened?

Cleo - Got full again.

Jade - Yeah, but I wanted a drink and it just went...

Cleo - Oh, I miss my huge mouth the whole time. It's so embarrassing in restaurants when you go like this and? That's why I never drink red. It really shows. No. It's not going for you.

Jo - There once was a house that was happy.

Jade - I've got a great one, but I'm not allowed to say it.

Danielle - Why? Why? I want to know.

Cleo - She can't if she can't say it.

[Cross talk]

Jo - There once was a house that was happy, 'mi ni mi ni mi ni mi ni' and then there entered?

Cleo - You're all going to go to Big Brother prison.

Danielle - How do you know what...

Cleo - And you're going to need me.

Jo - But it ends with a nappy. What's wrong with you people?

Jack - But if you say, 'Along came some people who were tacky'.

Jade - There once was a house that was happy, until?

Jack - They made it really tacky.

Jade - Until there entered a? Until there entered a?

Jo - Strappy? Strap-on.

Jack - Strap-on

Jade - No, no, no, there once was a house that was happy?

Jo - Until someone got yappy.

Jade - Yes. There once was a house that was happy, until someone got yappy.

Jack - She nearly killed everyone with a chicken.

Cleo - But everything ended up finger-lickin'.

Jo - Now you've got to do something that rhymes with a nappy.

Cleo - Oh, God, don't give that to Danielle, for God's sake.

Danielle - And it all ended up - Being crappy.

Cleo - Oh, dear me.

Jo - Right.

Danielle - That could have been rather disturbing, that.

Jo - That was a good one.


Jo - ...claim to fame was your argument with her.

Jade - Yeah, with her.

Jo - Because of the argument they had. She said: 'You know what, Jade, this is going to be your claim to fame.'

Jade - Because she's a God.

Danielle - Is that what she said?

Jo - Yeah, she did.

Jade - 'This is going to be your claim to fame.'

Jo - 'This is going to be your claim to fame.'

Jade - [Inaudible] I don't know her surname. Shilpa Pashwa fucking whoever you are, Shilpa Poppadom, I fucking... Oooh.

Jack - Stop it.

Jo - Calm down. It's finished.

Jade - I am fuming and I know that it's not going to lie, because I know, when I look at her tomorrow, I'm going to be feeling sick. I cannot stay... I cannot stay in this house and I will never walk...

Jo - There was a young girl from Bombay...

Jade - No, let's not do that. I will not walk, because I've never let it get to me, but I tell you what, if I go, that will probably be the best thing for me - a bloody godsend - because I'll end up smashing her head against... No, I won't, because I'm not violent.

Jo - Jack's like: 'Yeah, uh-huh'.

Cleo - I think it will probably be better...

Jo - Drink another beer.

Cleo - ...to change the subject because I don't want you to get into... I'm very passionate, and I think we all are. When you get that angry, you use...

Jo - No, I think that today's argument was a nasty argument.

[Cross talk]

Jade - I'm common and I need... I need to go and get elocution lessons because I'm common? How dare she turn her nose up at me? I'm not one of her pissing servants. She's in a house with nine other people, which are normal people. Jermaine Jackson is a fucking legend - you don't hear him talking down to people. You don't hear him turning his nose up to people.

Jo - You don't really get much bigger than Jackson.

Jade - No, you don't. You don't hear him say...

Jo - And he's the quietest, nicest, most genuine person.

Cleo - Yeah, I love him.

Jo - Genuinely, a genuine person who's lovely.

Cleo - He is genuine.

Jo - And I've got to be honest, I have witnessed things myself with sniggering and whispering and talking...

Jade - Jack did. Jack was in there the other day, in that kitchen, it was just him and Jermaine...

Jo - She done it about me with Dirk over the whisky.

Jade - Shilpa walked into the kitchen, looked at Jack, whispered to Jermaine and laughed. Jack said to me, 'Oh, my God'. I was just this close to saying something to Shilpa.

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