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In quotes: Bafta TV Awards
Here are the highlights of what the stars said at this year's Bafta TV Awards at the Palladium in London.

Stephen Merchant
Merchant was asked to step in for absent comedy partner Gervais
"He could have mentioned this before. Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. I'm sure he would like me to say I've been robbed, and I would agree. And it's not like he hasn't got enough already."
Stephen Merchant, who was up against Ricky Gervais for best comedy performance, has to collect the award on behalf of his absent co-star.

"They wouldn't let me drive the Cortina. I'm not entirely surprised. Watching Life on Mars was quite frightening for me because dipping in and out of reality was quite like myself."
Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond on seeing the Life on Mars car after his high-speed crash.

"It was very exciting to see Alan Sugar, so I think I've peaked with excitement for the evening, because I'm a massive Apprentice fan."
Little Britain's David Walliams bumps into his TV idol.

"It's completely new to me because I've never, ever done television in my life. It's kind of crazy. I didn't ever believe I'd be asked to do a television programme."
Andrew Lloyd Webber gets used to life as a TV Bafta nominee.

"I'm rarely speechless but I am now. I'm actually flying to Afghanistan tomorrow morning at half past five from [RAF] Brize Norton and I intend to have a very large hangover."
Ross Kemp collects his Bafta for a series on gangs.

"Bloody hell - we were slow with Liz there, weren't we?"
Royle Family creator Craig Cash chides 85-year-old actress Liz Smith for taking her time to climb up to the stage.

Freema Agyeman
Freema Agyeman landed a full-time role in Doctor Who last year
"Everyone's calling my name so it feels really surreal."
Doctor Who's companion Freema Agyeman is greeted by fans on the red carpet.

"After 21 years, to see them off is fantastic."
Mervyn Watson, former executive producer of long-running series Casualty, on beating EastEnders and Coronation Street to a Bafta.

"They keep asking if this is my last year... I'll carry on doing it until I die."
Davina McCall tells viewers to get used to her presenting Big Brother.

"Someone asked me where my suit came from and I very nearly said: 'It's none of your business.' But people are interested now."
Bafta-winning comedian David Mitchell on life in the spotlight.

"I really, totally, hand-on-heart hope he wins it."
Andy Serkis on his Longford co-star, and fellow nominee for best actor, Jim Broadbent. Broadbent did take the award.

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