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Zombie movies quiz
Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead helped revive the zombie genre

The release of 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later, is the latest in a long tradition of films about zombies and the undead.

Test your knowledge of zombie movies from the past 70 years with our quick quiz.

Question 1
Who directed the zombie portion of the recent movie Grindhouse?
A: Joss Whedon
B: Eli Roth
C: Robert Rodriguez
Question 2
Largely considered the first zombie film, White Zombie (1932) starred which horror stalwart?
A: Bela Lugosi
B: Boris Karloff
C: Henry Daniell
Question 3
Who wrote the book and screenplay Pet Sematary, which became a film about zombie animals and children?
A: Dean R Koontz
B: Stephen King
C: Clive Barker
Question 4
Pet Sematary II saw which former ER TV doctor take the lead role?
A: Anthony Edwards
B: George Clooney
C: Eriq La Salle
Question 5
Plan 9 From Outer Space - often dubbed the worst movie ever made - was directed by which Hollywood eccentric?
A: Stanley Kubrick
B: Ed Wood Jr
C: John Waters
Question 6
Name George A Romero's first full-length zombie film.
A: Dawn of the Dead
B: Day of the Dead
C: Night of the Living Dead
Question 7
Which film started life as a zombie computer game?
A: Resident Evil
B: Puppet Master
C: The Evil Dead
Question 8
What does the acronym CHUD stand for from the 1983 camp horror and its sequel, CHUD II?
A: Cadaver Hunting Unfrozen Dudes
B: Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller
C: Cannibals Have Unleashed Death
Question 9
In Shaun of the Dead (2004) what was the song playing on the juke box when the central characters were attacking the zombie pub landlord?
A: Pinball Wizard - The Who
B: Outkast - Hey Ya
C: Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Question 10
Which actress played the lead role in the teen flick Zombie High (1987)?
A: Kirstie Alley
B: Virginia Madsen
C: Shannen Doherty

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