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Dalek voted scariest Who villain
An updated version of the Daleks returned to the series in 2005
The Daleks have been voted Doctor Who's scariest villains in a survey of 21,000 fans ahead of their re-appearance in the latest series on Saturday.

The Empty Child Zombies and the Beast were in second and third place.

The Daleks will feature in a two-part story set in 1930s New York, featuring David Tennant as the Doctor with his new assistant played by Freema Agyeman.

Nick Briggs, the voice behind the iconic baddies, said they "seem to have stood the test of time".

1. The Daleks
2. The Empty Child Zombies
3. The Beast
4. The Cybermen
5. The Clockwork Droids
6. The Ood
7. The Empress of Racnoss
8. The Werewolf
9. The Autons/Nestenes
10. Chloe's Dad

The Daleks were created by Terry Nation and first appeared on screen in 1963.

Russell T Davies, the creator of the latest series, said: "Every time the Daleks return we make them bigger and better than ever before, and this time, their plan is the most audacious Dalek scheme yet."

He added: "Even the Doctor finds himself out of his depth."

Doctor Who has been a huge ratings success for the BBC, with 8.2 million viewers tuning in for the first episode of the latest series.

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