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Talking Shop: Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha's first album, Unwritten, was a UK number one
Natasha Bedingfield, the Grammy-nominated British pop star, is back with her second album, NB.

Recorded in Los Angeles, the album features Eminem producer Mike Elizondo, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and former Madonna songwriter Patrick Leonard.

With her latest single, I Want To Have Your Babies, in the top 10, Bedingfield talks about success, being an introvert and the rules of dating.

On your last album you were singing about being a single, independent woman. This time you have songs called I Want To Have Your Babies and Soulmate. What's happened?

I was in America for about a year-and-a-half touring. It was like a gap year, but I'd never been away from friends and family before. I realised how important relationships are. So the album's about relationships.

You can be independent, but you need people around you who really understand you.

And have you found a soulmate?

I've got a lovely man that I'm dating at the moment, so we'll see.

Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha left a psychology degree to concentrate on singing
Do you find it hard to date people now you're in the public eye?

I think dating is a very awkward thing anyway. What are the rules? Can a woman ask a guy out? Can a girl give a guy flowers? Is that weird?

And what if you're saying too much? That's what I Want To Have Your Babies is about. What if he actually knew what you were saying in your head - would he freak out?

And there's always that hurdle of the first time you tell someone that you love them.

I know! And if they don't say it back it's awful. Or if someone says it to you and you don't want to say it back.

What would you say in that situation?

Erm... "you're a very nice person?!"

You were talking about I Want To Have Your Babies. If you do have children, is there a character trait you wouldn't want them to inherit?

When I was younger I didn't feel very free to express my opinion to other people. I wanted to keep everyone happy, and that can be quite damaging as you get older and get into a job.

Is that something you've experienced in the music industry?

It's definitely something the industry has taught me. I've had to be clear on what I think is right, even if it is just a gut feeling. If I don't want a subject or a song on my album, that's perfectly acceptable.

Your album is called NB - is that just your initials, or is there a double meaning?

Yes, it's Latin for nota bene - which means note well. It's not like I'm saying the album is really important, it's just a pun. Did I study Latin at school? No.

Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha is the sister of Gotta Get Thru This singer Daniel Bedingfield
Are you as self-analytical as your lyrics suggest?

I do tend to over-think things. I'm an introvert, so I love to get my thoughts out on paper. It helps to clear my head.

Being an introvert must be quite hard in your line of work.

Absolutely. There's always people around. That's another area I've had to get good at being strong in - feeling OK about saying I need some space.

You have a lot of high-profile collaborators on the album, but I notice they're all men. What's that about?

I love working with men! I'm the only girl and we talk and talk and, somehow, we manage to write songs. I can do rude toilet jokes, too. I keep up with them!

What was the first song you ever wrote?

It was called You Take Me As I Am, and it was about being accepted. I didn't show it to anybody because it wasn't very good. Was I in my teens? Er, yes.

Finally, if you were a Mr Man character, which one would you be?

I'd be Little Miss Sunshine - but I'd put sunglasses on to give her a bit of an edge.

Natasha Bedingfield's album is out on 30 April. She was speaking to BBC News Entertainment reporter Mark Savage.

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