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Fans seek pardon for Jim Morrison
The Doors
Morrison (third from left) died before his appeal
Fans of The Doors have asked Florida to pardon frontman Jim Morrison nearly 40 years after he was convicted of indecent exposure in the state.

Morrison was charged after a concert in Miami's Coconut Grove in 1969 where he allegedly exposed himself and simulated a sex act.

Now two fans have sent a letter seeking a pardon for the Florida native so he can be remembered for his music.

Governor Charlie Crist said he was "certainly willing to review" the case.

I think it would be against the spirit of the rebellious nature of the music to pardon him
John Ferguson, Ballymena, UK
BBC News website reader

Morrison died of a heart attack in Paris in 1971 while his case was still on appeal. He was 27.

The singer denied the charges of indecent exposure, and several audience members at the concert said he had only simulated exposing himself.

Many fans believe the conviction put Morrison and his band in a downward spiral, with negative publicity leading promoters to cancel concerts.

'Trumped up'

The Doors
The Doors hits include Light My Fire and Riders On The Storm
Dave Diamond from Ohio and Kerry Humpherys from Utah wrote to Governor Crist last month to suggest the pardon.

"It's not about Jim Morrison's image as the Lizard King or The Doors music. It's about a citizen of Florida who was convicted in a case where the law was not applied," said Mr Diamond.

"It was all trumped up and he shouldn't have this hanging over him," added Mr Humpherys.

Any pardon for Morrison would be decided by Mr Crist and members of Florida's cabinet.

The Miami Herald noted that both Morrison and Mr Crist attended Florida State University, where sports teams are nicknamed the Seminoles.

"He's a Nole? Well, given that fact, I'm certainly willing to review it," Crist was quoted as saying in Tuesday's Herald.

The newspaper said Crist then sang a few lines of Light My Fire.

Mr Diamond and Mr Humpherys noted in their letter that former New York Governor George Pataki had pardoned the late comedian Lenny Bruce on an obscenity conviction.

Morrison's father, a retired US Navy admiral, said he would support a pardon.

Were you at the Coconut Grove concert? Can you cast any light on what actually went on?

Your comments:

I was not at the Miami concert, but I once spoke to another Doors fan who was there. He didn't recall actually seeing Morrison expose himself. But he said that Jim was totally drunk: slurring his words and frequently stopping in the middle of songs to either start over or begin a new song. This fellow loved the Doors, but he said that Morrison's behavior was maddening and insulting, a rip-off of the devoted fans who had paid their money to see the show. I can't say whether or not Jim Morrison deserved to be convicted of indecent exposure. But the Coconut Grove concert was unquestionably the low point of the Doors' career. Happily, I'm able to report that soon after the Miami debacle, I saw the Doors perform in New York City. Morrison was pudgy, his extra weight clearly put on by heavy drinking. But he was stone sober and the Doors were spot on musically, presenting one of the finest rock concerts I've ever been privileged to attend.
Richard, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

I was there but didn't see the infamous outing... I don't think he actually did it. I love The Doors and I loved Morrison. I think the cops and the "establishment" have always had it in for him due to his anti-authority stance which I totally support.
Bob, Philadelphia, PA

Nobody can remember!
Alex, Brighton, UK

Maybe if they cleared up all the graffiti and repaired all the defaced graves leading to his grave in Paris a pardon could be given?
Sean, Dublin, Ireland

Who cares... the man was a legend and I'm sure he found the whole incident highly amusing. Leave it be, he's remembered for his music above everything else. What goes on tour stays on tour.
Nichola Sullivan , UK

Seeking a pardon for this that and the other is so fashionable, but just what purpose does it ever serve? Jim was a rebel and I doubt he'd have wanted a pardon, particularly as the (alleged) offence happened nearly 40 years ago! What good is that? I wonder what the surviving members of the Doors think? Then again, any publicity will be good publicity, of course. R.I.P. Jim!
Lindsey Harris, Poole, Dorset, UK

Why not ask him? I'm sure he's still around busking somewhere on the Left Bank in Paris finding the whole thing amusing!
Preetinder Cheema, Harpenden, UK

The whole point of Rock music is to be at least seen as dangerous and anti-establishment. I think it would be against the spirit of the rebellious nature of the music to pardon him... Plus, if he broke the law, he broke the law.
John Ferguson, Ballymena, UK

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