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Glastonbury tickets 'foil touts'
The Killers
Las Vegas rock group The Killers are among the headliners
Glastonbury Festival organisers say they have successfully beaten ticket touts with their registration system.

Some 24 hours after the event sold out, tickets appear to be absent from internet auction sites like eBay.

"I'm absolutely thrilled," festival organiser Michael Eavis told BBC News. "It seems to be a 100% success."

Fans will get another chance to attend the festival on 22 April, when tickets that have not been paid for or are no longer wanted will be put back on sale.

The initial allocation of 137,500 tickets were snapped up just one hour and 45 minutes after going on sale on Sunday at 0900 BST.

"It's probably the fastest time we have ever sold out," Mr Eavis said.

Michael Eavis
Two to three years after we started trying to get rid of touts, we've achieved it
Michael Eavis
Glastonbury Festival founder
Tickets without coach travel cost 145, with fans able to buy up to four each.

In 2005, tickets for the three-day event changed hands for up to 700 on the black market.

This year, the festival's new ticketing system required fans to register their details during February - and almost 400,000 people did so.

They had to provide a passport-sized photograph, which will be printed on their ticket.

Mr Eavis said tickets would be scanned using an infra-red system at the entry gates to make sure the photographs had not been tampered with.

Auction site eBay confirmed it had not removed any listings for Glastonbury tickets and was not barring users from trying to sell their passes.

Unauthorised ticket agencies, which offer sold-out tickets for inflated prices, also appeared not to be offering Glastonbury passes this year.


A spokesman for one such agency, No 1 Sold Out Event Tickets, confirmed it would not offer entry to the festival because there was "no way around" the registration system.

Mr Eavis said: "Two to three years after we started trying to get rid of touts, we've achieved it.

"And people will be able to keep their tickets for ever and ever because we won't need to tear them in half any more. It'll be a great keepsake."

The Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and The Who will headline the event in Somerset from 22-24 June.

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