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Last Updated: Friday, 30 March 2007, 08:51 GMT 09:51 UK
South Park show 'kills the Queen'
South Park is shown on Paramount Comedy in the UK.

Satirical US cartoon series South Park has aired a show which features the Queen committing suicide.

In a parody of hit drama series 24, the British monarch is seen to be behind a plot to overthrow the US.

When the plot fails, the cartoon Queen responds by putting a gun in her mouth and shooting herself.

The show, now in its 11th series, has courted controversy before, making fun of the Virgin Mary, Prophet Muhammad, actor Tom Cruise and Scientology.

Actor Isaac Hayes, who was the voice of Chef in the show, quit after the Scientology episode, saying it was insensitive to his "personal spiritual beliefs".

'Grossly insensitive'

An episode which made fun of TV naturalist Steve Irwin just weeks after his death also drew criticism last year.

The Australian star was seen at a party with the stingray that killed him last September hanging from his chest.

John Beyer, of TV watchdog Mediawatch, called it "grossly insensitive".

The latest episode also features US presidential contender Hilary Clinton.

It is not yet known whether the episode will be shown in the UK, where South Park is broadcast by the Paramount Comedy channel.

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