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Cubs relive TV rollercoaster ride
The clip became one of the most requested on TV shows.

An iconic moment from British television has been recreated 27 years on by the same group of cub scouts.

The group, from Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, were filmed eating their lunch on a rollercoaster for a 1980 episode of the classic BBC show Jim'll Fix It.

Images of the boys being covered in food and drink became a TV classic.

Seven of the group, in cubs' uniform, repeated the experience for UKTV Gold's revival of Jim'll Fix It. The series begins on 5 April at 9pm.

Giant badge

The cubs, now in their 30s, were accompanied on the 2007 trip by original pack leader Tony Miller, who is 60.

Julian Orton, now a lorry driver based in Belfast, jumped at the chance to relive the famous stunt.

He said: "For the original show, we were only 10 years old and we thought it was great. But we were kids, we didn't pay that much attention to what was going on.

"It was much funnier this time because we knew what to expect - and as an adult you can see how daft it is. We ended up covered in food."

Of all the "fix-its" made possible on the long-running TV show, the cubs' clip remains the most famous.

Mr Orton said: "I wouldn't say it turned us into celebrities, but I think everyone where we lived knew who we were."

The group were rewarded with a giant-sized Jim Fixed It For Us badge after their latest day out in Blackpool.

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