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Glastonbury wins licence to 2010
The Glastonbury Festival has been going since 1970
This year's Glastonbury Festival has been given the go-ahead by the local council, who have approved a licence securing the event's future until 2010.

Mendip District Council in Somerset has agreed the four-year licence, which will also allow the festival's capacity to expand by 27,500 to 177,500.

Almost 400,000 fans have registered for tickets, which go on sale on Sunday.

The Arctic Monkeys, the Kaiser Chiefs and The Who have all been lined up to play at the event from 22-24 June.

But festival organisers must meet certain conditions, such as holding at least three public meetings with Pilton Parish Council before the event and one afterwards.

'Hard work'

They must also provide event management plans every year and disclose festival dates with plenty of notice.

Conditions also apply to the bigger capacity, as 22,500 additional tickets will only be sold on the condition they are sold in conjunction with coach travel to and from the event.

The licensing board was made up of various local organissations, such as the police force, fire brigade and environmental health.

Michael Eavis
Michael Eavis has said he is "determined" to stamp out ticket touts

Festival founder Michael Eavis said the approval has given them a bit of "breathing space."

"In the past we have had to jump through the hoops, year after year. It is great that we can plan future festivals safe in the knowledge that it will all be approved," he added.

Charles Uzzell, the council's business manager for planning and environment, said the licensing process had "gone extremely well".

"It has involved a lot of hard work from the applicant, the council, responsible authorities and the local community," he said.

Eavis is hoping the pre-registration system introduced this year will stamp out ticket touts.

Tickets worth 125 for the last event ended up being sold to some people for up to 700.

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