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Talking Shop: Infernal
Danish dance act Infernal scored a worldwide hit in 2006 with their song From Paris To Berlin.

Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann, who are preparing to release their latest album in the UK, have been working together since 1997.

Vocalist Lina discusses sustaining their success, the ups and downs of their musical relationship - and discloses a love for Bonnie Tyler.

Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann of Infernal
Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann say their heroes are the KLF

Has life changed for Infernal since From Paris To Berlin got you noticed all over the world?

The workload's definitely increased! We haven't taken time off for a couple of years now. We went from a career that was good and steady in Denmark to a full-on pop star schedule with months of touring.

We had to learn to prioritise. Suddenly we were offered the biggest TV shows and interviews - and for the first time we didn't have time to do it all.

We were always the creative force behind everything but there was no longer time, and for the first time we entrusted someone else - and it was the best thing we ever did.

Has scoring a smash hit increased the pressure to repeat such success?

You would think so, but we already had a taste of that. We had a double platinum album in Denmark in 1998 and completely messed up delivering on the follow-up because we got scared and started thinking too much.

We finally let go and thought 'OK, never mind Infernal, let's just create music, write songs and have fun'. We did the whole From Paris to Berlin album and became a smash hit all over again - this time not only in Denmark, but everywhere.

Your album has a special release for the UK - how important is success here?

A great deal, as a lot of our musical heroes are from there. We love a lot of dance music from the UK, especially from the first half of the 1990s. The UK is close by, we speak your language and you have a great sense of humour. Dance and club music is also appreciated and valued.

George Michael
Paw does a bit of additional vocals but he is no George Michael - at least not yet
Infernal's Lina Rafn on bandmate Paw Lagermann's vocal prowess

Do you think it's more difficult for a dance act to put together an album full of great tracks?

No. I think it's harder to persuade the labels to allow dance acts to grow and take the time needed in order to create an interesting, quality album. They know that if you want a rock artist to survive beyond one song they must have more to offer on the debut album. This is also true for dance - the only difference is that nobody gives a damn if the dance act survives or not.

How do things work in your musical relationship - what are your relative strengths?

Paw is the nerd. He is strong on engineering, mixing, choosing synth sounds and is very critical - a total perfectionist. He is also the stronger keyboard player. I can play but it's not my favourite thing. I tend to sing the things I want him to play and then he records it. When it comes to mixing and all that stuff, I leave that to him.

I love putting words together and twisting them to deliver a surprising point. I'm also the stronger singer. Paw does a bit of additional vocals, but he is no George Michael - at least not yet.

Which acts do you admire and envy?

Other than the KLF there is nothing, but we're unfortunately not muscially alike. And I'm not much a fan of all the weird sheep-killing stuff! We love some of Bonnie Tyler's music, and a lot of the old disco music from the '80s.

Do you feel proud to be one of the few Danish acts to have gained recognition abroad?

Sure, but we're not counting our chickens. As a disco and pop act we have much to prove before we can kick back and say 'we've made it'.

Infernal's album From Paris To Berlin is released in the UK on 4 June.

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