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Eurovision gaffe 'not technical'
Sir Terry Wogan
Sir Terry Wogan apologised for any embarrassment

The BBC has insisted Sir Terry Wogan was given the correct information before he announced the wrong winner of the UK Eurovision song.

Sir Terry had to be corrected by co-host Fearne Cotton after he said singer Cyndi had beaten Scooch.

A BBC spokesman said: "Terry was given the right name down his earpiece. There was no technical problem."

They admitted the studio was noisy and emphasised Sir Terry was not being blamed for the mix-up.

Speaking on his BBC Radio 2 show, Sir Terry said: "Nobody died, it's a TV programme. It wasn't the general election. People got a bit confused."

Scooch are confirmed as winners
Scooch were in a final "sing-off" with Cyndi

He added: "I suppose I should make a little apology to Cyndi - although I'm not taking the blame for this - because I was the one who did say Cyndi had won.

"And if she's listening, my apologies for raising your hopes at the last minute, which was inadvertent and I'm sorry.

"It probably wouldn't do her career any harm, either. She's a fine singer."

Sir Terry added: "There's no doubt Scooch won. They clearly won. We wish them well and I shall be there to cheer them on by word and gesture in Helsinki. Just ignore what you hear old fools say."

The confusion happened after a final "sing-off" between Scooch and Cyndi during Saturday's show.

Sir Terry and co-host Fearne Cotton announced the winner together - but he said Cyndi and she said Scooch.

Programme makers apologised for the gaffe, but confirmed that Scooch - Russ Spencer, David Ducasse, Natalie Powers and Caroline Barnes - had won.

'Best mistake'

Powers told BBC Breakfast: "We didn't really know what was going on. It was announced that Cyndi had won and we were congratulating her when Fearne said: 'No, Scooch, Scooch!' We were like, eh?"

Ducasse said: "We were blown away because we didn't think we'd even make the final two, so you can imagine we were just thinking: 'Why, what's going on, why is this happening to us?'"

He added: "It's the best mistake that's ever happened to us."

I personally blame Lordi. You couldn't hear anything after they'd finished
Sir Terry Wogan

Scooch's airline-themed tune Flying The Flag (For You) and camp dance routine beat five other contenders to the chance to represent the UK at Eurovision.

They included the bookies' favourite, former Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins, and Liz McClarnon of Atomic Kitten.

Last year, Finnish heavy metal band Lordi won in Athens with the UK's Daz Sampson finishing 19th with Teenage Life.

Lordi performed their winning song, Hard Rock Hallelujah, during Making You Mind Up, leading Sir Terry to joke that the blunder was Lordi's fault.

"I personally blame Lordi. You couldn't hear anything after they'd finished. Or see anything through the smoke."

Scooch will represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

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