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Life on Mars car auctioned online
Life on Mars
The car is a distinctive feature of the time-travel police drama
The 1974 Ford Cortina used in hit BBC police drama Life on Mars has been auctioned on eBay, raising almost 13,000 for Comic Relief.

The car, seen in two hit series of the show about a modern-day police officer who finds himself transported to the 1970s, sold for 12,800.

Its description on eBay admitted "one or two battle scars" from chases.

The current series of Life on Mars, starring John Simm, is the last. The Comic Relief telethon is on Friday.

'Runs like a dream'

The description on eBay of the car was written in the style of Life on Mars' uncompromising, old-style officer DCI Gene Hunt, played by Philip Glenister.

"She has one or two battle scars: a small mark on the bonnet where DI Sam Tyler decided to actually try and catch a nonce and climbed all over it, plus a few slight scratches on the side where I slid her into some bins during a pursuit," it said.

"Take it from me. She runs like a dream. You can trust me, I'm a copper."

The final series of Life of Mars is due to explain how central character DI Sam Tyler, played by Simm, became stuck in the past.

Producers have promised a "natural and explosive climax", but have filmed two separate endings "to keep everyone guessing".

The first series of Life on Mars was broadcast last year.

It was a hit with critics and audiences alike, and won an international Emmy award for best drama series.

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