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Rave reviews for Izzard's US show
Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard in The Riches
Izzard and Driver are fleeing from their traveller "clan"
British comedian and actor Eddie Izzard has won rave reviews for a new US drama about a pair of con artists.

The Riches centres on a couple, played by Izzard and Minnie Driver, who assume the identity of two car crash victims.

The New York Daily News called it "addictive", describing the British stars as "revelations" despite seeming to be unlikely choices for the roles.

This is a first US TV show for Izzard, previously seen in films including Ocean's Twelve and The Avengers.

The star made his name as a stand-up comedian.

I wanted to look ugly and frightening
Minnie Driver
The show premiered on the FX channel and immediately won over critics.

The New York Daily News said about the stars: "Individually, they're impressive, together, feeding off each other's energy, they're incendiary."

The New York Times said: "It's so compelling it deserves to be a hit, generating as much media attention and internet chatter as Deadwood, Nip/Tuck or 24."

Driver, who has appeared in US sitcom Will & Grace and movies including Grosse Pointe Blank and Good Will Hunting, plays a cough medicine-addicted former convict.

"I wanted to look ugly and frightening, exactly like you would if you were addicted to methamphetamine and you were just getting out of jail," she told the Daily News.

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