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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 March 2007, 09:45 GMT
DiCaprio guards held after clash
Guards and press clash in Jerusalem
The incident occurred near Jerusalem's Western Wall
Two of Leonardo DiCaprio's bodyguards have been arrested after a scuffle with photographers in Jerusalem.

The Oscar-nominated actor was visiting Jerusalem's walled Old City with Israeli girlfriend Bar Refaeli when the incident occurred.

A police spokesman said "fists flew" and one photographer was slightly injured in the incident.

The couple have been the focus of intense media attention since they arrived in Israel on Sunday.

The police spokesman said DiCaprio and supermodel Refaeli were taking a private tour of the tunnels next to the Western Wall, which is Judaism's holiest site, in Jerusalem's walled Old City.

DiCaprio surrounded by bodyguards
The Hollywood actor was rushed away by bodyguards
The paparazzi were waiting when they emerged.

The couple have been the subject of enormous press attention with one Israeli news crew hiring a helicopter to follow their movements and Refaeli's family home being surrounded by photographers.

DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar this year for his performance in Blood Diamond and also starred in the Oscar-winning film The Departed.

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