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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 March 2007, 03:43 GMT
Reality show Castaways unveiled
Castaway group

The 13 people who will be spending three months on an island in New Zealand for the BBC's reality show Castaway have been revealed.

They include an ex-lap dancer, a young Conservative, a former drug addict and a "professional psychic".

The original series of Castaway, broadcast seven years ago, lasted a year and saw 36 people spend the time in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

This series gives a competition winner the chance to join the castaways.

The 13 castaways have already arrived on New Zealand's Great Barrier Island where they will have to build their own shelter and grow and hunt their own food.

Unpredictable weather

Island view
The area is rich in marine life
The island has sandy beaches, green hills and freshwater streams. But it is also notorious for sudden weather changes.

BBC One controller Peter Fincham has promised "lot of twists and surprises" to the reality show format.

"Castaway was the original reality show and the genre has evolved enormously since then," he said.

"However, the original purpose - to see how people react once they are taken far away from all that they take for granted - remains the same."

Single match

Danny Wallace
Danny Wallace will present the BBC One show
He added that the second series would be tougher than the first.

"The castaways are not allowed to bring electrical equipment, no knives, they're not allowed to bring writing or reading materials.

"Between the 13 of them they are allowed one match. They used it to light a fire on the first night - and the fire went out."

The weekly series, presented by Danny Wallace, begins on Friday on BBC One and there will be a highlights show on Monday to Thursday on BBC Three.

Legal settlement

Ben Fogle
Ben Fogle was in the first series and is now a television presenter
In the original series seven people left during the course of the year.

Two quit the show following arguments and one of them, Ron Copsey, won a settlement of 8,000 from the BBC after claiming he was misrepresented on TV.

A family of four also claimed to have been bullied, but the programme made a star of Ben Fogle.

Castaway contestants arrive on Great Barrier Island

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