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'Insatiable curiosity' of Morley
Broadcaster and critic Sheridan Morley, who presented more than 1,000 editions of BBC Radio 2's Arts Programme, has died.

Nicholas Kenyon, the controller of the BBC Proms, Live Events and Classical Television, paid tribute to the 65-year-old on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

Nicholas Kenyon
Nicholas Kenyon said Morley was "genuinely popular with people"
He was a cultural omnivore.

He just devoured everything with an insatiable curiosity.

My memory of him as presenter of the Radio 2 Arts Programme, which he did for ages, was just sitting there surrounded by piles of books and newspaper cuttings and CDs that I'd brought him.

If he hadn't mastered the full details of them all, he always knew the right question to ask, the right way to set an interviewee at their ease.

I think I only fazed him once, when I brought in a CD of contemporary music.

He was genuinely popular with people, and he wasn't on the aggressive side of criticism.

He was on the supportive side of criticism, which is an enormously important role.

He wasn't ashamed of liking Andrew Lloyd Webber and, as far as I'm concerned, when I took over the Proms, Sheridan presented the first ever BBC Proms in the Park and set that institution off on its thriving life.

So I'm incredibly grateful to him for his friendship and all that he did for our cultural life.

Nicholas Kenyon pays tribute to Sheridan Morley


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