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Rock history landmarks celebrated
England Rocks! landmarks
Jarvis Cocker once worked on a fish stall in Castle Market, Sheffield
The Smiths were pictured at Salford Lads Club for The Queen is Dead album
Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues video was shot behind London's Savoy Hotel
Manic Street Preachers star Richey Edwards' car was found in Aust, Gloucestershire
The Who played at Chislehurst Caves, south London, in the 1960s
Prog rock band Yes were shown at Yes Tor, Dartmoor, on their Tormato album cover
Almost 200 locations linked to England's rock and pop history are celebrated in a new tourism campaign.

England Rocks! highlights destinations including birthplaces and haunts of musicians, places that inspired songs and past and existing music venues.

They include Liverpool's Cavern Club, made famous by the Beatles, and the London street on the cover of (What's The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis.

The site of Marc Bolan's death in a car crash is among the more unusual places.

Also included is the motorway services at Aust, Gloucestershire, where the car of Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards was found, prompting speculation about his possible suicide.

Former homes of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett and Robbie Williams are included in the campaign.

Battersea Power Station and Chalk Farm Tube station, in London, Coles Corner in Sheffield, the Empress pub in Liverpool, and Mapledurham Watermill in Reading, are among the sites celebrated for their appearance on album covers.

An England Rocks! map features about 130 of the locations, while a new website offers background and travel information on all the sites.

You sent us your suggestions of landmarks to put on a rock and pop map of the whole UK.

How about the site of John and Yoko's car crash on the tiny single track road around The Kyle of Tongue in Sutherland. John said afterwards that if you're going to have a crash have it in the Highlands because you get looked after well !
Richard, Tongue, Scotland

What about the garage forecourt in Hornchurch that the Rolling Stones were arrested for urinating on about 1964?
David , Lowestoft

Lemmy (real name Ian Fraser Willis) from Motorhead use to work at the Hotpoint factory - Llandudno Junction after he got expelled before the end of the fifth year from Syr Thomas Jones School, Amlwch.
Duncan, Harrogate UK

The house in Keppel Road Manchester where the BeeGees lived. I think Barry Gibb owns it now.
Chris, London, Canada

I suggest some sites from Van Morrison's Belfast... Hyndford Street, Cypress Avenue and Sandy Row.

There are a number of pop icon landmarks in Central Manchester, all within a 10-minute walk of each other! Although these sites have now been redeveloped, there is the Boardwalk on Little Peter Street, where Oasis played their first gig. Then there is The Hacienda on the corner of Whitworth Street, famous for the birth of the Madchester scene (and where Madonna played her first ever UK gig!). And then there is the former Free Trade Hall on Peter Street, famous for the Bob Dylan 'Judas' gig.
Russ Kennaugh, South Manchester

Also, The Giants Causeway in County Antrim as featured on the cover of Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy.
Dave Hills, Huddersfield and Scarborough, UK

Leeds University - where the Who recorded their blistering 1970 live album.
Dominic Rubytoes, UK

How about Chamberlain Hall at the University of Birmingham (formerly High Hall)? It was the location of the last Joy Division gig before the death of Ian Curtis. The gig was later released as the second half of the 'Permanent' compilation.
Andrew Trevers, Birmingham, UK

The Zodiac in Oxford. The video for Radiohead's Creep was filmed there, The Strokes were signed there, it has played host to Robert Plant, Rage Against The Machine, Coldplay (supported by Muse and Athlete - what a night!), Supergrass and many others. A little known band called REM played after Robyn Hitchcock's set recently...
David Hammond, Oxford

Grafton Street and the Grafton Pub, Hull. The home of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South.
Tim Nuttall, Withernsea, East Yorkshire

If we're talking the whole UK, and therefore also Scotland, the Isle of Jura shouldn't be missing: After all that's where the KLF burned 1m (or so the rumour says).
Armin, Swindon, UK

The Clash played their first gig at the Boardwalk here in Sheffield. Whatever happened to them?

Sheffield's Castle Market may soon be no more, but eagle-eyed fans can see Sharon's Cafe Bar on the front cover of Richard Hawley's Late Night Final; Jarvis fans might want to seek out the flat above the Division Street shop he once fell out of trying to impress a girl.
Sean, Sheffield, UK

I think this should be extended UK wide, I'd nominate Newport in S Wales as it could hold a musical tour of it's own. Joe Strummer stayed in Newport at several places whilst at the art college and used to hang out in the Murenger pub. It was the heart of an explosion of rock bands in the early nineties, which caused Newport to be dubbed the 'New Seattle'. The Legendary TJ's hosted pivotal bands (Oasis in 1994) from the 90s and was apparently the place where Kurt Cobain proposed to Courtney Love. I believe Nick Jones (Nicky Wire - Manic Street Preachers) still has a house in the city. John Squire (Stone Roses) designed the Love Spreads cover with the photograph of a stone cherub at the popular Newport Bridge in Clarence Place, Newport. Grant Nicholas (Feeder) used to go to school in Newport. In fact, the list is endless.
Chris, Newport

Ryans Bar in Derby has become a midlands open mic hotspot with the discovery there of James Morrison. I think, like the Cavern, it has to be up there as it gives a lot of opportunity to get spotted or get signed.
Steve, Derby

I think the site of the Mothers' Club in High Street, Erdington, Birmingham should be on the list. Between 1968 and 1971 people such as Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who and David Bowie played there, and half of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma album was also recorded there. Billboard magazine voted it the world's best rock club and although it's long gone, I feel that it definitely should be commemorated in some way.
Paul, Sutton Coldfield UK

Where the Sex Pistols developed their sound in a studio in Denmark Street. 100 Club, Oxford Street - where the Sex Pistols got their residency and the home of the legendary Punk Rock Festival.
Ian Selth, London England

The Troubadour in Old Brompton Road, 1950's coffee house, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan both played there...so have we! (The Cedars)
Jason Moffat, London

The Crazy Daisy club in Sheffield should most definitely be on the map as it's the club where Mr Philip Oakey of The Human League walked in one night and met two 17 years old girls called Susan Sulley & Joanne Catherall and the rest as they say is history.
CS15, Dublin

Ailsa Road, Twickenham - the street with the four houses the Beatles separately went into in the film Help
Dave Minter, Isleworth, Middlesex

St Peters Church Woolton Liverpool L25 - Where Lennon and McCartney met.
mike, Angola

What about King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow? It's where Alan McGee spotted Oasis when he came down to watch 18 Wheeler and signed Oasis to Creation Records.
Gavin, Birmingham, UK

The Borderline, off Charing Cross Road in the West End. Hosted first UK gigs from the likes of REM, Rage Against The Machine and literally hundreds of others, as well as being the backdrop for Oasis's Cigarettes & Alcohol video. I have to admit to being biased, as I was resident at Midweeker, one of the clubs at the heart of Britpop, every Wednesday at the Borderline for 5 years in the mid-nineties...
Chris Rice, Bristol, UK

Led Zeppelin performed their very first gig at the University of Surrey on October 15th, 1968.
Gareth Donship Giles, Guildford, UK

Wickham Road, Brockley in SE London - Half way down the street is a large Victorian house with a deep overgrown garden - where Kate Bush composed some of her Kick Inside Album and stayed during her formative years at EMI
James UK, London

The Dovedale Towers Hotel, a pub just off Penny Lane in Liverpool, and more especially the flat above it which was once the former home of Queen's Freddie Mercury back when he played with the Liverpool band Ibex.

Sort of two birds with one stone really.
Tony, Fareham

Dartford railway station, where Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met by chance on 25 October 1961, having not seen each other since they'd been at primary school together.
Mark Tandy, Horsham, UK

How about TJ's, the bar in Newport in South Wales ? It's played host to lots of up-and coming Welsh bands but it's also said to be the place where Kurt Cobain proposed to Courtney Love.
Paul Worthington, Abergavenny, South Wales

Ivanhoes is a listed building in Huddersfield and the last place in the UK that the Sex Pistols played on Christmas Day in 1977, I believe.
Jonathan Scott, Huddersfield

What a shame that while this campaign is running, two of London's important music venues are closing down; The Astoria and The Hammersmith Palais.
Peer Quaide, London

The Good Mixer in Camden. Blur pretty much lived there in the mid-nineties. Total dive mind you.
Jim, London

Eel Pie Island! I'm biased because I live near there, but it's got to rank in the top few sites where history was made. It was home to the burgeoning R'n'B scene in the 60's where the Stones, Who, Faces, etc. would play.
Rob O'Connor, Twickenham, UK

The Factory club in Worthing. It was where some unknown group called REM played before they hit the big time!
Rob, Slough, England

The old Job Centre in Great Harwood, Lancashire featured the on the cover of a UB40 Album (Signing Off)
Gwilym hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

The House where George Harrison was born. I visited this house on my trip to see other Beatles landmarks in 2005 and was told at that time that Liverpool authorities were considering a demolition of the house!
Clinton A., Los Angeles

Jimi Hendrix's flat in Brook Street, Mayfair. Suppose while you're there it'd be rude to ignore the Handel House Museum next door too!
Robert, Croydon, Surrey

Scorsese and Bob Dylan's No Direction Home DVD cover was also photographed at Aust.

Let's not forget the Abbey Road crosswalk! It has to be one of THE most famous sites in the world, let alone London!!
Sheila, New York, USA

The railway station in Widnes, where Paul Simon wrote Homeward Bound.
Stella, UK, Salford

Salford Lads Club - made famous on The Smiths Queen is Dead album. Still gets hoards of Smiths fans hanging out there and paying homage.
Alison, Wigan, UK

Eve Hill flats, Dudley. Location for shot on cover of Led Zeppelin IV. Lock your car doors if you intend to stop and have a look, however.
Steve, London, UK

The one place that perhaps deserves to be on the list more than any other would be Prestwick Airport in Scotland for the simple fact that is the only place in the UK ever to have played host to the King of Rock and Roll himself - Elvis Presley.
Neil Cameron, Felixstowe, UK

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