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Police interview Big Brother star
Danielle Lloyd
Lloyd was accused of bullying Indian actress Shetty
Detectives have interviewed Danielle Lloyd from Celebrity Big Brother about the race row that engulfed the show.

Police spoke to the model for three hours - but she was not arrested or cautioned, her spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile, fellow housemate Jo O'Meara claimed she had received death threats since leaving the Channel 4 show, and that her life was "totally shattered".

O'Meara, Lloyd and Jade Goody were accused of racist bullying of Indian actress Shilpa Shetty.

Cash 'lifeline'

Lloyd's spokeswoman said two Hertfordshire police officers met the former Miss Great Britain at her solicitor's London office on Thursday afternoon for a "very positive meeting".

Big Brother's Jo O'Meara
Jo O'Meara claims she received death threats

"It was very constructive and we were pleased to have met them. As we have said all along, Danielle will be fully co-operating with them."

The spokeswoman added that the meeting had been arranged at Lloyd's request.

The treatment of Bollywood actress Shetty sparked an international outcry and led to 40,000 complaints.

Former S Club 7 singer O'Meara issued a 900-word statement apologising for her conduct on the show.

"I have been asked why I did Big Brother. It was simply because I needed the money," she said.

"I may lose my house and the fee offered was a lifeline which I took."

Surprise stunts

She said that death threats had made her scared to go home.

"Am I the first person in the world to make a mistake or say regrettable things? I am devastated, sorry and honestly have no idea what to do next," she said.

I honestly believe that I was not a horrible person every day throughout the series
Jo O'Meara

The singer, who has consistently denied allegations of racism, blamed Big Brother producers for manipulating situations inside the house.

"I think that as a group we would all have coped better if some of the surprise stunts hadn't been pulled by Big Brother.

"Jade and her family entering the house late and the introduction of a slave/master culture is bizarre by anyone's standards and automatically creates tension and a divide."

Series runner-up Jermaine Jackson has offered his support to O'Meara, urging her to shake off her "shackles" and offering to help relaunch her career - by giving her one of his own songs.

Earlier on Thursday, Hertfordshire police said it had received new information following allegations of racist abuse on the show, although declined to give details.

The Sun however claimed notes admitting Shilpa Shetty was subjected to a specific insult were handed to police but Channel 4 said there was no evidence the insult had been used.

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