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Will Brand Beckham break America?
By Fiona Pryor
Entertainment reporter, BBC News

David and Victoria Beckham
The Beckhams appear in a raunchy photo shoot in a US magazine

With the former England captain about to embark on a new career in US soccer for LA Galaxy and his pop star wife about to hit US TV screens, Brand Beckham is about to go into overdrive.

Like them or loathe them, footballer David Beckham and Spice Girl Victoria have become a celebrity tag-team of glamour, wealth and fame.

From the moment the pair announced their engagement in 1998 the couple's lives have been splashed across every tabloid, magazine - and even the occasional broadsheet.

It would have been hard to miss some of the coverage their tattoos, baby names, weight problems, matching outfits and hairstyles have generated over the last 10 years.

But now it is time for Britain's most famous celebrity couple to pack up Beckingham Palace and move Brand Beckham to Tinsel Town.

'American idols'

To make sure their relocation is welcomed by a blaze of publicity, Posh and Becks have blitzed the US press with a whistle-stop tour, as well as doing their most saucy photo shoot yet.

In a nine-page spread in the August edition of W Magazine, the couple are seen posing in underwear, kissing and striking provocative poses.

David and Victoria Beckham

The magazine says the pair are "determined to become the new American idols".

Victoria, who recently announced she would be touring with the Spice Girls, has even opened up for the first time about her husband's alleged affair in 2004.

Rebecca Loos, who was Beckham's personal assistant when he played for his former club Real Madrid, was reportedly paid 300,000 for her story in which she claimed she had a fling with him.

As the story broke the Beckhams closed rank.

The lawyers were called in, David branded the allegations as "ludicrous and absurd", and the married couple were photographed in an exclusive French ski resort showing signs of public affection.

Famous friends

It was clear that the message was about the Beckham Brand - which has always thrived off a happy and perfect family ideal - was staying together.

Rebecca Loos
We've come out stronger and happier. It's even better now than when we were first married
Victoria Beckham on her marriage after the Rebecca Loos allegations (pictured)

Speaking to reporters about the scandal, which was described as a "tabloid editor's dream", 33-year-old Victoria said: "I'm not going to lie. It was a really tough time.

"David and I got through it together. No-one said marriage was going to be easy.

"But now we've come out stronger and happier. It's even better now than when we were first married."

Clearly having put that behind them, the Beckhams are moving on to bigger and better things.

Best friends with British stars Elton John, Liz Hurley and Gordon Ramsay, they are keen to add Hollywood A-listers to their Christmas card list.

High profile

Already close to Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes, it was reported last year that Victoria had also struck up a friendship with Jennifer Lopez.

Victoria Beckham (L), US actor Tom Cruise (C) and his wife Katie Holmes watch Real Madrid play Mallorca
The Beckhams are good friends with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

In an interview to be broadcast on NBC's Today show, Victoria discusses newly- weds Cruise and Holmes, denying their Scientology beliefs get in the way of their friendship.

"There's been so much made of the Scientology," she says.

"They do their thing, we do our thing. They are a wonderful family."

Next week NBC will air a fly-on-the-wall documentary called, Victoria Beckham: Coming To America, which chronicles her move to Los Angeles.

Disappointingly for Victoria, the planned six-part reality series has been cut to just a one-hour special.

But she is managing to maintain a high profile, presenting a gong at the recent MTV Movie Awards and being photographed with actress Cameron Diaz after the pair turned up wearing the same shoes.

Things are looking good for David too as ticket sales are already up at LA Galaxy, his new team.

Gossip columnists on both sides of the Atlantic are already gearing up to document the couple's success or downfall once they settle in LA.

'Shrewd career move'

Speaking to Agence France Presse, Joel Stratte-McClure, from the Los Angeles Daily News thinks going Stateside makes professional sense for them both.

"This is a very shrewd move for Beckham, because what do you do when your soccer career is over? You get involved in entertainment and movies.

David Beckham the former England football manager
David Beckham is one of Britain's most high profile football players

"And what do you do when your singing career is over? You get involved in entertainment and movies. So for both of them, it's very shrewd."

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat's US reporter Heather Alexander thinks they still have their work cut out to make it big.

"It seems they've succeeded in getting everyone to know who they are, but now everyone's waiting to see what they will do.

"The US is already full of beautiful thin celebrities, so they have to mark themselves out as different if they want to become more than just photo shoot pin-ups," she says.

Victoria Beckham interviewed on US TV

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