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DiCaprio 'wanted to stop acting'
Leonardo Dicaprio
DiCaprio has been the centre of media attention for years
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has admitted he wanted to take a break from acting in the wake of hit movie Titanic.

While admitting it did his career good, the 32-year-old actor told Newsweek magazine he was unhappy with being seen as little more than a pretty face.

"It was pretty disheartening to be objectified like that. I wanted to stop acting for a little bit", he said.

DiCaprio is expected to get an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of an undercover policeman in The Departed.

After Titanic he felt he was in danger of going back to being "another piece of cute meat".

There's no other art form in the world that affects me more
Leonardo DiCaprio
But such pressure was not the first hurdle DiCaprio had to face in his career.

"I remember being 15 and going on 160 auditions, and not getting a single role for a year and a half.

"I realized I was turning into one of those Hollywood kids: "Hi, I'm Leo! And I'm going to be reading today! Oh yeah, I had a great day at school! I love school!"

Despite the pressures of global superstardom, he admitted Titanic gave him control of his career.

"I definitely sought out the relationship with Martin Scorsese," he said. "It was important to me to find somebody I could trust.

"It's a weird thing to put your performance in another person's hands. We so often sit in rooms with directors and you hear their vision about a specific project, but there's a huge difference between what they say and what actually shows up on screen."

He added: "There's no other art form in the world that affects me more. There's nothing that I walk away from feeling transformed by the way I do with cinema."

DiCaprio's latest film, Blood Diamond, is released in the UK on 26 January.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed

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