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Dance drama holds US box office
Stomp The Yard star Columbus Short
Actor Columbus Short stars as a student who enters a dance contest
Urban dance drama Stomp the Yard held the top spot at the US and Canada box office, as two Golden Globe winners re-entered the chart.

Films Pan's Labyrinth and The Queen return to the top ten at seven and eight respectively.

Stomp earned $13.3m (6.7m) over the weekend, followed by Night at the Museum with $13m (6.5m).

Horror film The Hitcher, the weekend's sole new wide release, opened at number four with $8.2m (4.1m).

The movie, a remake of the 1986 cult horror starring Rutger Hauer, also features Sean Bean in the villainous title role.

Stomp the Yard stars Columbus Short as a raw but talented dancer who tries to win a girl's affections by entering a "stepping" competition.

Stepping is a form of dance popular chiefly in African-American schools and neighbourhoods in the US.

Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum
1. Stomp the Yard ($13.3m)
2. Night at the Museum ($13m)
3. Dreamgirls ($8.7m)
4. The Hitcher ($8.2m)
5. The Pursuit of Happyness ($6.7m)
6. Freedom Writers ($5.6m)
7. Pan's Labyrinth ($4.7m)
8. Children of Men ($3.7m)
8. The Queen ($3.7m)
10. Arthur and the Invisibles ($3.1m)
Source: Media by Numbers

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of its Golden Globe award last Monday for best comedy or musical, Dreamgirls rose to number three with $8.7m (4.4).

The Motown-inspired musical drama has earned $78.1m (39.5) to date.

Will Smith's sentimental drama, The Pursuit of Happyness, dropped two to number five with $6.7m (3.3m).

Hilary Swank's drama Freedom Writers, dropped one place to number six, with Children of Men sharing the number eight slot with Helen Mirren's, The Queen.

Family film, Arthur and the Invisibles, a mixture of live action and animation with appearances from Madonna, David Bowie and Robert De Niro, took tenth place.

Stomp drama dominates US cinemas
15 Jan 07 |  Entertainment

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