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Homer to star in Channel 4 trail
Homer Simpson in Channel 4 trail
Homer will stop at nothing to rescue his beer in the new film
Homer Simpson is to star in an animated version of the Channel 4 identity trail that appears between programmes.

In the 30-second clip produced by The Simpsons animators Gracie Films, Homer is electrocuted after his cans of beer are catapulted onto power lines.

A night view then reveals a flickering Channel 4 logo as the lights of Springfield short circuit.

The ident will appear at the weekend, before the 14th series of the hit animated comedy begins on Channel 4.

At the start of the new film, Homer is seen relaxing in a hammock before losing his six-pack of beers. He attempts to retrieve them but is hit with an electric shock.

Channel 4 logo in Simpsons trail
A night-time view of Springfield eventually shows Channel 4's logo
While the lights of Springfield flicker, Homer persists in his quest to rescue his lost beers.

The Simpsons ident follows the concept of a series of short films featuring locations that eventually reveal the station's logo, including an inner city block of flats and an American cityscape.

The current idents were introduced to the station at the start of 2005.

Head of marketing Rufus Radcliffe said: "We are very proud of our channel identity and it's testament to it that Gracie Films wanted to work their most iconic brand into that creative concept to promote The Simpsons on Channel 4."

A big screen version of the long-running cartoon series is to be released in the UK later this month.

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