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In quotes: Golden Globes 2007
Here are some of the most notable quotations from the winners at the Golden Globes, which have been held in Hollywood.

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie's award for House appeared to take him by surprise
"Thank you, thank you very much. My goodness, this is stunning, absolutely stunning. I am speechless. I am literally without a speech. Er..."
Hugh Laurie, star of House and best TV drama actor

"Thank you to every American who has not sued me so far."
Sacha Baron Cohen, named best comic actor for his satirical film Borat

"I'm glad this isn't too heavy because I just had hernia surgery [on] December 21. So, I just wanted to share that with all of you."
Alec Baldwin, a recipient of a best TV actor award for 30 Rock

"Elizabeth I would have an amazing speech at this point wouldn't she? 'Thank you,' and then she would get very humble, and then she'd be teary and then she'd be powerful. I have nothing to say but 'thank you very much'. I had an incredible role."
Dame Helen Mirren, collecting one of her best actress Golden Globes

"You don't know what this does for my confidence. I feel good."
Clint Eastwood, after Letters From Iwo Jima took best foreign language film

Warren Beatty and Tom Hanks
Beatty (l) joked with Hanks as he received the Cecil B DeMille Award
"I think I've worked with everybody in the room. Yes, I have."
Meryl Streep, the best comedy actress for The Devil Wears Prada

"I'm staring at Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty. This is surreal."
Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy, which was best TV drama series

"Forget about Hanks. I've got bottles of moisturiser older than Tom Hanks."
Warren Beatty on the man who presented him with the Cecil B DeMille Award

"Wow. I have always dreamed but never, ever this big. This goes far beyond anything I could ever have imagined."
Jennifer Hudson, who won the best supporting actress category in film for Dreamgirls

"I used to think that prizes were demeaning and divisive, until I got one, and now they seem sort of meaningful and real."
Bill Nighy, best actor in a TV mini-series for Gideon's Daughter

Dame Helen Mirren speaks about her win

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