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Malone evicted from Big Brother
Carole Malone
Malone lost out to A-Team actor Dirk Benedict
Tabloid journalist Carole Malone has become the latest person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The Sunday Mirror journalist, 52, who had been up for eviction with A-Team actor Dirk Benedict, received 77.4% of the votes cast by the public.

Earlier, 70s pop star Leo Sayer, 58, who had also been up for eviction, walked out of the Channel 4 show.

The singer became the third person to quit, following rock star Donny Tourette and film director Ken Russell.

After leaving the house on Friday, Malone said she was upset to have been evicted because "I bonded with all of them in there".

But she added: "You have to remember it's a game. We all said 'We have to do this at some point', so it's not a problem."

Following Sayer's departure, model Danielle Lloyd said she thought he had quit because he was "worried about being rejected" by the public.

Towel fluff

Sayer had become increasingly angry with Big Brother producers over the past few days.

He was unhappy at the servant task in which eight celebrities were told to wait on former Big Brother contestant Jade Goody, her family and three other contestants.

He also accused producers of breaking the contract he had signed and demanded to see a copy.

Leo Sayer
Leo Sayer is the third person to quit the Channel 4 show

The final straw for Sayer appeared to come when Big Brother refused to give him new underpants after he ran out of clean pairs.

His departure may anger some viewers who had spent money on phone calls voting for him to be evicted.

The singer, who lives in Sydney, Australia, later said he had struggled with sharing a shower with his housemates and complained about the fluff from the new towels.

"I wasn't prepared mentally to go in there," he added. "I just rushed over here."

Tourette was the first to leave the house after scaling the garden wall, while Russell decided to quit after rowing with Goody and her mother Jackiey.

Some housemates are already starting to speculate that a new arrival might be on the way.

Despite the decreasing numbers in the house, a Channel 4 spokeswoman said there were no plans to send in another celebrity yet.

Jade's mother Jackiey became the first person to be booted off the show by the public in a "surprise eviction" on Wednesday.

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