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Jackiey first Big Brother evictee
Jackiey, Jade Goody's mother
Jackiey Budden did not know she was up for eviction
Jade Goody's mother Jackiey has become the first housemate to leave Celebrity Big Brother, in a "surprise" eviction.

Jackiey Budden, 48, had been up for eviction along with Jade, Jade's boyfriend Jack Tweedy, singer Jermaine Jackson and Bollywood's Shilpa Shetty.

She had to leave the house without any shoes as she was not wearing any when she was told of her fate. But she said she did not care about leaving.

Ken Russell and Donny Tourette have already walked out of the house.

Carpet burns

Jackiey, who was not allowed to say goodbye to the other housemates, was ejected with her top hitched up.

This was because her back was covered in cream to soothe carpet burns she had acquired during a game with Ian "H" Watkins.

During her five-day stay, Jackiey and Shilpa clashed several times.

Shilpa Shetty
Jackiey blamed Shilpa for "jarring" her during the show
Jackiey told host Davina McCall the actress had been "jarring me big time".

The main problem between the pair was Jackiey's inability to pronounce Shilpa, instead opting to call her "princess".

"I don't mean it rude," Jackiey said, telling told McCall she had difficulty with lots of names.

The only other housemate Budden revealed she did not see eye to eye with was film director Russell.

"The only one that freaked me out was Ken," she said. "He was witty. I couldn't even go there could I?"

Nick Weinberg, spokesman for the bookmakers, Ladbrokes said her eviction was a "complete surprise" after punters were strongly backing model Tweedy to be kicked out.

Former A-Team actor Dirk Benedict is current favourite to win.

He is 9/4 favourite to win the series, according to Ladbrokes, followed by Kenny Everett's former sidekick Cleo Rocos at 3/1 and Shilpa at 5/1.

Big Brother announces the eviction result

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