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Russell walks out of Big Brother
Ken Russell
Ken Russell is the oldest Big Brother contestant so far
Film director Ken Russell has become the second celebrity to leave the Big Brother house in just two days.

He decided to walk out of the Channel 4 show after a row with Jade Goody, who arrived in the house with her boyfriend and mother on Friday night.

Russell, 79, said some of the surprises were "a little too much to take" and called himself a "fuddy duddy".

Rock singer Donny Tourette escaped from the Big Brother compound on Friday after just 48 hours.

Verbal swipe

The cause of the argument between Goody and Russell was the servant task set by the show, in which eight celebrities were told they had to wait on Goody, her family, and three other contestants - including Russell.

A row broke out in which Goody took a verbal swipe at the veteran film-maker for helping himself to food, instead of getting a "servant" to give it to him.

He was a lovely old man - I shall miss him
Carole Malone

The pair called a truce soon after the argument, but he still decided to quit the Channel 4 show.

Grand entrance

He had already threatened to quit after a run-in with Goody's mother Jackiey.

Housemates were told of Russell's departure when journalist Carole Malone was handed a laminate revealing his exit.

Malone said: "He was a lovely old man, I shall miss him."

Russell became well known for making controversial films such as Women in Love and The Devils.

He made a grand entrance by singing to the cheering crowds outside the house when the show began on Wednesday.

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