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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 January 2007, 12:28 GMT
Singer escapes from Big Brother
Donny Tourette

Donny Tourette has escaped from the Big Brother house by scaling the garden fence, after just 48 hours inside.

The singer with punk band the Towers of London left the house on Friday night after refusing to act as a servant to fellow contestant Jade Goody.

Jade, a former Big Brother star, entered the celebrity version with her mum Jackiey and boyfriend Jack Tweedy.

Donny was one of eight celebrities forced to wait on Jade, her family and three other contestants.

They were moved into Victorian-style servants' quarters in a separate section of the house following a vote, allowing the other contestants to live in luxury.

Breach of rules

A spokesman for Big Brother has confirmed Donny will not be returning to the house saying a "fundamental rule" was broken as he made contact with the outside world.

Donny reportedly asked former Steps star Ian 'H' Watkins to help him over the fence, at around 2330 GMT.

Ian then told the housemates: "Donny's just legged it over the fence! He said he's not waiting on Jade! He's gone!", the show's website reported.

Earlier, the housemates had been instructed to choose three people to remain in the house. Director Ken Russell, former Jackson 5 member Jermaine Jackson and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty were picked to live in luxury.

Jade and her family, who arrived late on Friday night, also joined the three stars in the main house.

Their arrival marks the first time a family has entered the Big Brother household.

Mother-of-two Jade came fourth in the 2002 series of Big Brother, but has since become the most successful contestant of all time.

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