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Willis admits Die Hard injuries
Bruce Willis
The last Die Hard film was released in 1995
Film star Bruce Willis has admitted he suffered injuries on the set of his latest movie, Die Hard 4.0.

"I used to bounce off the concrete a lot easier than I do now," the actor, 52, said at the film's London premiere.

"There were a couple of weeks where from my hip to my ankle I was black and blue. I got knocked out, I got some stitches. I wish I'd kept a scrapbook!"

The first Die Hard film, co-starring Alan Rickman, established Willis as a box office star in 1988.

But fans have had to wait 12 years for the actor to reprise the role of the wise-cracking reluctant hero John McClane.


Die Hard 4.0, known as Live Free and Die Hard in the US, sticks to the high-octane template of the previous three instalments.

The plot sees McClane battling to save the world from cyber-terrorists, and features an explosive confrontation with Hong Kong action star Maggie Q.

Maggie Q
Hong Kong action star Maggie Q is Willis' co-star in Die Hard 4.0

"The stuff I do with Maggie is just bananas," Willis told reporters on the red carpet.

"Look at her, she's right over there. Put the camera on her.

"You would think I would be able to kick that girl's ass but not so much. I caught a beating.

"I hit her with the light switch, I had her light out, she got up right off the floor and came back after me, kicked me out a window.

"I'm thinking about going over there and picking a fight with her right now."

But Q put Willis in his place by telling reporters she was "a little too young" to watch the first Die Hard movie when it was released.

"I think I was around eight," she said, "but I watched it a few years after."

The Die Hard franchise has earned more than $740m (392m) worldwide, not including DVD sales.

US film-maker Len Wiseman, who previously worked on the gothic Underworld movies, directed the latest instalment which is released in the UK on 4 July.

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