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Last Updated: Friday, 29 December 2006, 10:12 GMT
Rolling Stones top US tour chart
Keith Richards and Ron Wood
The Stones' Bigger Bang World Tour started in 2005
Veteran rockers the Rolling Stones are the most successful live act in North America for the second year running.

The group had the highest-grossing tour in 2006, selling tickets worth $138.5m (70.6m), and playing to about a million people at 39 concerts.

Barbara Streisand came second, making $92.5m (47m) from just 20 shows as she staged her first tour since 1994.

Country star Kenny Chesney was the most-seen performer, playing to 1.13m, reports trade magazine Pollstar.

Other popular acts included country duo Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and pop icon Madonna, who grossed $88.8m (45.2m) and $85.9m (43.7m) respectively.

Higher prices

Ticket sales in North America reached a record-breaking $3.6bn (1.8bn) in 2006, according to Pollstar.

This was partly due to rising prices, with the average gig now costing $61.45 (31).

Among the most costly concerts were Madonna's Confessions tour, where the average ticket price was $184 (93), and Streisand's comeback tour, where fans paid an average of $298 (152).

The Rolling Stones were a relative bargain, charging $137 (69) for entry to their stadium gigs.

Their Bigger Bang world tour started in August 2005, and the band have visited 16 countries, playing 110 shows in front of 3.5 million fans.

Despite several cancelled and rescheduled gigs, the global jaunt has become the top-grossing tour of all time, taking $437m (226m), according to Billboard magazine.

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