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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 December 2006, 12:58 GMT
Musicians sign copyright advert
The advert in the Financial Times
The advert is supported by the likes of Katie Melua and Roger Waters
Recording artists such as Sir Paul McCartney and U2 have backed a call for an extension of copyright on sound recordings from 50 years to 95 years.

An advert in the Financial Times has been signed by over 4,500 artists, from session musicians to Peter Gabriel.

It follows the government-commissioned Gowers Report, which recommended the protection should not be extended.

The British Phonographic Industry has campaigned for parity with the US, which has a 95-year limit.

Performers and writers earn royalties through airplay and sales of their songs.

Am I the only person to think that extending the copyright to 95 years (or the artist's lifetime) is fair?
Rob O'Connor, Twickenham

Writers have copyright for their lifetime plus 70 years, but it is the rights to a particular recording of a song which is