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Christmas Movie Quiz
Test your knowledge of these movies - from Bing Crosby to Bruce Willis - which all feature Christmas.

Question 1
Alastair Sim memorably brought Ebenezer Scrooge to life in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol - but who played young Scrooge?
A: Leslie Phillips
B: Peter Sallis
C: George Cole
Question 2
In the action-packed Die Hard, what present does Bruce Willis's character carry from the plane?
A: A teddy bear
B: A pair of skis
C: A snow globe
Question 3
During filming of the Christmas benchmark movie It's a Wonderful Life, why was filming suspended for a day?
A: There was a outbreak of flu
B: There was a heatwave
C: There was a fight on set
Question 4
Kris Kringle is the Santa at which New York store in Miracle on 34th Street?
A: Bloomingdale's
B: Tiffany's
C: Macy's
Question 5
Trading Places tells the tale of two men whose roles are reversed in a bet between millionaire brothers. What is the stake?
A: A dollar
B: A mince pie
C: A drink
Question 6
Comedy monster movie Gremlins contains the spectacular demise of town miser Mrs Deagle. How does she go?
A: Launched from her rewired stairlift
B: Run down by snowplough
C: Tree lights are plugged into her bed frame
Question 7
In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, what happens when Chevy Chase switches on the house lights?
A: The power station turns on the emergency reactor
B: They spell out a rude phrase
C: Overhead planes mistake it for the airport
Question 8
Bill Nighy plays an aging rocker in Love Actually who tries to resurrect his career with which seasonal reworking of a classic?
A: Stairway To Christmas
B: Christmas Is All Around
C: Everything I Do, I Do It For Christmas
Question 9
Who was Bing Crosby's male co-star in the 1954 Irving Berlin singathon White Christmas?
A: Bob Hope
B: Fred Astaire
C: Danny Kaye
Question 10
The Lion in Winter sees Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn arguing about their sons. Which king does he play?
A: Henry I
B: Henry II
C: Henry III

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