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'We owe it to Hanna and Barbera'
Animators Cosgrove Hall have been responsible for series such as Dangermouse, Bill and Ben, and Noddy.

Managing director Anthony Utley told the BBC News website why his industry owed cartoonist Joseph Barbera - who has died aged 95 - a great debt.

Dangermouse and Penfold
Dangermouse is one of Cosgrove Hall's best-known productions
What's forefront in everyone's minds in animation in the UK at the moment - and probably the States as well - is that we really owe it to Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera for introducing animation to television back in the '50s.

It was not considered that it was going to work - animation was for movies, not for TV.

Cosgrove Hall wouldn't be here today, I suspect, if hadn't been for Hanna and Barbera.

He made the industry more prolific.

If you're making movies, it's much more high-risk area of business.

For every one movie that's a success, there are 20 or 30 - if not more - failures, whereas for TV, if a broadcaster commissions something, it's going to get made.

There's now much more opportunity in opening animation to a wider audience and making the industry proliferate, not only in the US but in the UK.

'Huge memories'

I think he will be remembered in terms of bringing a whole new genre of programming into television.

I grew up watching The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo, Huckleberry Hound and The Jetsons - huge memories from my childhood.

Never did I think I'd end up running of the UK's biggest animation studios in the end but maybe that's a reason for me being here as well.

I believe Joe Barbera visited Cosgrove Hall back in the '80s.

He came and met founders Mark Hall and Brian Cosgrove, and had a tour of the studios, and so on - and he was much admired by them.

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