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Last Updated: Monday, 11 December 2006, 11:52 GMT
Prince to play at the Super Bowl
Prince has been nominated for five Grammy awards this year
Pop star Prince has been lined up to perform during the halftime show at the Super Bowl next February, in Miami.

The Super Bowl is US TV's highest rated show, and its spectacular interval performances have come under scrutiny in recent years.

Janet Jackson caused outrage in 2004 when her breast was exposed during a routine with Justin Timberlake.

This year the Rolling Stones were censored during their slot after some lyrics were deemed sexually explicit.

Next year's event will take place at the Dolphin Stadium, near Miami, on 4 February.

Last month the US TV network CBS launched an appeal against its fine over the Jackson incident.

CBS appeal

The network is suing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the fine $550,000 (290,000) imposed.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the 2004 Superbowl
Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" has gone down in TV history

Lawyers for CBS argue the "unintended" exposure should not be considered indecent.

The FCC, which has maintained that the so-called "wardrobe malfunction" was indecent, is defending the fine.

Prince has had a string of hits since he began recording in the late 70s, including When Doves Cry, Purple Rain and Kiss.

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