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Quiz: Casino Royale
Do you have powers of observation to match James Bond? If you've seen Casino Royale, see how much you remember about the film.

Question 1
The opening scenes of Casino Royale are in
A: colour
B: black and white
C: 3-D
Question 2
What is the visual theme of the title sequence?
A: Playing cards
B: Cars
C: Planes
Question 3
Where does the building site chase take place?
A: Montenegro
B: Miami
C: Madagascar
Question 4
Which of villain Le Chiffre's eyes weeps blood?
A: Right
B: Left
C: Both
Question 5
Where do we first see Bond girl Solange?
A: On a horse
B: In a hammock
C: In bed
Question 6
What's the name of Le Chiffre's girlfriend?
A: Inga
B: Ivana
C: Valenka
Question 7
What does Bond win from Dimitrios?
A: His Aston Martin
B: His house
C: His medallion
Question 8
Where does Bond first meet Vesper Lynd?
A: On a plane
B: On a crane
C: On a train
Question 9
What does Bond say when he's asked how he wants his Martini?
A: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn
B: Do I look like I give a damn?
C: I'll have an umbrella with that
Question 10
What does it cost Felix Leiter to buy Bond back into the poker game?
A: 5 million dollars
B: 10 million dollars
C: 15 million dollars

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