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Prestigious stars at UK premiere
Scarlet Johansson
Scarlett Johansson plays a magician's assistant in the film
Sir Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman have greeted fans at the UK premiere of The Prestige.

The film, which tells the story of two rival turn-of-the-century magicians, topped the US box office last week.

But Jackman admitted that his previous attempts at magic, in the guise of Coco The Clown, were not so successful.

"I remember a six-year-old standing up at a party and saying: 'Mummy, this clown is terrible'," he told reporters on the red carpet. "And he was right!"

Despite his lack of prowess, Jackson performs many of his own tricks in the film after receiving tuition for his role as Robert Angier.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman stars alongside Batman's Christian Bale
Johansson, who plays magician's assistant Olivia Wenscombethe, said she was less capable with a wand and a cape than her co-star.

"Can I do magic? Certainly not, but I'm very gullible.

"I'm a very good person to practice on because I'll believe anything," she said.

The Prestige is based on a 1995 novel by British author Christopher Priest, and was adapted for the big screen by Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan.

Batman himself, Christian Bale, also stars but was unable to attend Sunday's premiere in London's Leicester Square.

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