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Last Updated: Saturday, 4 November 2006, 14:04 GMT
Kazakhs counter Borat's 'fiction'
Film still from Borat
Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen has been invited to Kazakhstan
Hit comic creation Borat has "grossly misrepresented" Kazakhstan, according to the country's ambassador to the UK.

But the spoof Kazak reporter has also put the country "on the map", Erlan Idrissov admitted in The Times.

Borat, played by Ali G comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, portrays Kazakhstan as a racist, sexist and primitive country.

Some scenes left an "unpleasant aftertaste", Mr Idrissov wrote. But he added: "Having survived Stalin we will certainly survive Borat."

The film was released on Friday and is expected to be a box office hit.

It paints Borat's homeland as a place where incest, rape and prostitution are rife, cars are pulled by horses and anti-Semitism is a national pastime.

Media attention

"Borat could have been created only by someone who knows nothing about Kazakhstan and has never been there," Mr Idrissov wrote after seeing the film.

"I doubt whether Borat could survive if his creator knew the reality of modern Kazakhstan."

But he did concede that the film had "resulted in the kind of media attention of which previously I could only dream".

"In a sense he has placed Kazakhstan on the map - no mean achievement since, even though it is the size of Western Europe, most people in the English-speaking world have difficulty in spelling its name and have only a vague idea of where it is."

The Kazakh government has objected to Borat but has invited Cohen to the country to see it for himself.

Kazakhstan's largest chain of cinemas, Otau, said in September it will not show the film.

See clips from the film

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