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'Risque' Ross avoids Cameron rap
David Cameron appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
Ross has insisted his question to David Cameron was "valid"
Jonathan Ross's style has been dubbed "risque" over an interview with David Cameron but not in breach of rules set by TV watchdog Ofcom.

Ofcom received 251 complaints after the Tory leader was asked if he ever had schoolboy sexual fantasies about former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Ofcom said Jonathan Ross had a "well established presenting style which is deliberately provocative".

The BBC said it stood by the interview, which was broadcast in June.

Viewers complained to Ofcom that that Ross's comments were vulgar and disrespectful.

Ofcom said that it had received no complaint from David Cameron or Baroness Thatcher that they had been unfairly treated.

Ofcom also noted that in an interview on Five Live in June, Cameron was asked if he would go on again.

"In terms of a programme that gets watched by millions of people and an opportunity to get your message across, yes I would," he said.

"I don't agree with all the questions he asks, but my point is to go on the programme and put my point across," he added.


The watchdog said it recognised that the interview may have attracted some people who were not regular Jonathan Ross viewers and did not know what to expect.

It added: "We also acknowledge that for some viewers the use of this language would be considered to be crude.

"However, Jonathan Ross's comments were made in the context of an interview with a senior politician who is extremely experienced in handling the media."

It also noted that the interview was broadcast in a post-watershed slot and that strong swear words had been bleeped out.

Soon after the programme was shown the former Tory minister Lord Tebbit publicly criticised Cameron for appearing.

He told the BBC's Sunday AM he had made an "awful mistake".

Last month the BBC received complaints after Ross remarked that people on council estates should be banned from giving birth.

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