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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 October 2006, 16:48 GMT 17:48 UK
US rapper Brown put on probation
Foxy Brown
Brown is known for her revealing outfits and suggestive lyrics
US rapper Foxy Brown has been sentenced to three years' probation for assaulting two New York nail salon workers more than two years ago.

The star attempted to withdraw an earlier guilty plea, claiming she had felt rushed at the time, but the judge ruled the plea agreement was valid.

Brown kicked and punched the employees during a dispute over payment for a pedicure and manicure in August 2004.

She had been threatened with jail after failing to turn up to court on Monday.

Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, pleaded guilty in August but claimed in court on Tuesday that her previous lawyer said she would face jail unless she made the plea agreement.

"I'm innocent," she said.

She rejected an earlier plea deal last year, demanding the assault charges be reduced to the lesser count of disorderly conduct.

If she had agreed to that deal she would have been given 10 days' community service.

But her lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, said at the time that she would not agree to any resolution that involved her admitting to a crime.

He said an altercation had taken place but that his client had not hit the victims.

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