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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 October 2006, 14:15 GMT 15:15 UK
'Offensive' album pulled in India
The uncensored version of Slayer's album cover

US rock act Slayer's latest album has been withdrawn from sale in India after religious groups complained about its cover depicting a mutilated Christ.

The band's Indian label, EMI Music, recalled stocks of Christ Illusion and had them destroyed.

Joseph Dias, of Mumbai's Catholic Secular Forum, said the album was "offensive and in very bad taste".

It was claimed that songs on the album, including Skeleton Christ and Jihad, offend both Muslims and Christians.

Censored version

The album cover depicts Christ with partially amputated limbs and a missing eye, set in a landscape littered with amputated heads.

Slayer 'censored' album cover
A version of the album cover which conceals Christ is also available

EMI India said it withdrew the albums and destroyed them so no community would be offended by the material.

The company added that it had no plans to re-release the record at any time in India.

A censored version of the album cover has been produced, which shields the majority of the Christ-like figure with Slayer's logo.

In May, Indian protests at the film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code resulted in the addition of a disclaimer stating its content was fictitious.

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