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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 October 2006, 15:33 GMT 16:33 UK
Williams hunts for video talent
Robbie Williams
Williams said people can create masterpieces in their own homes
Robbie Williams is inviting unknown directors to make a film to accompany a song on his latest album.

The singer has asked seven independent film makers to provide films to complement his album Rudebox.

But he confirmed there is to be a competition to find an eighth film to accompany his song The 80s.

Williams, 32, said the album had been created in unstructured, "guerrilla" way and felt a similar approach to the film would be appropriate.


"Just like in music today you can create a masterpiece out of an iBook and some digital footage, as much as you can in a fancy studio," he said.

"That's how The 80s began life itself, in my bedroom in LA with my friend Jerry messing around on my Mac.

"I'm very excited to see what the film-makers can come up with," added the musician.

The winning films and runners-up will be shown at a screening in November.

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