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Fred's demise witnessed by 11m
John Savident as Fred Elliott
Fred Elliott died without making it to the altar
The departure of the Coronation Street character Fred Elliott was watched by 11m viewers on Monday night.

The first episode of the double bill which was aired at 1930 BST got the highest ratings, while the second outing an hour later drew 10.7m.

It was the second part which showed Elliott - played by John Savident - collapse and die from a heart attack.

The storyline helped to boost the ITV soap's ratings, as 9m people tuned in on Sunday to watch the programme.

The Manchester-based series beat EastEnders on BBC One, which pulled in 9m viewers.

The soap is sandwiched between the two episodes of Coronation Street on Monday evenings.

Old adversary

But Elliott's dramatic death of failed to beat the departure of Mike Baldwin in April.

Some 12.5m fans tuned in to watch the factory owner - who had been in the soap for 30 years - die of a heart attack.

Fred Elliott and Beverley Unwin
Fred had been having doubts about marrying Bev

Baldwin, who had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease, died in the arms of old adversary Ken Barlow.

Viewers saw the Street's butcher and owner of the Rovers Return pub die at his friend Audrey Roberts' house just before he was due to be married to Beverley Unwin.

Audrey, who had admitted having feelings for Elliott, then faced having to explain to his bride-to-be why he had been at her house.

Filming for his funeral has already taken place and will be screened on 20 October.

Savident started playing Fred Elliott 11 years ago and soon became a firm favourite amongst regular Coronation Street viewers.

Elliott's death was the 101st to be screened on Coronation Street, which has been on air since 1960.

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