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Last Updated: Friday, 6 October 2006, 14:10 GMT 15:10 UK
Parental warning for Saatchi show
Installation from US artist Erick Swenson
Saatchi exhibitions have a reputation for being challenging
A new modern art exhibition by collector Charles Saatchi has been given a parental guidance warning.

Visitors to the USA Today show, at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, will be warned some exhibits are of a sexually explicit nature.

The show features semen-stained newspapers, a painting of a young girl performing a sex act on a man, and a battle scene involving rats.

USA Today runs at the gallery from 6 October to 4 November.

Artist Dash Snow has produced a piece featuring semen-stained pages from US tabloids that show stories about police corruption.


Painter Gerald Davis has a work on show entitled Linsey's Poo, depicting a woman and featuring an extract from her diary in which she obsesses about going to the toilet.

More tame works on display include a sculpture of a woman made from dried pieces of mango.

Saatchi caused controversy at the Royal Academy of Arts with the Sensation exhibition nine years ago.

It featured a portrait of Moors murderer Myra Hindley made out of children's handprints and child mannequins with noses replaced by penises.

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