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Last Updated: Friday, 8 September 2006, 11:34 GMT 12:34 UK
Stone to release third Alexander
Oliver Stone
Stone said he may make a more political post-9/11 film
Director Oliver Stone is to release a third version of his epic 2004 film Alexander, with a running time of three hours and 40 minutes.

The original three-hour film starring Colin Farrell received largely scathing reviews from movie critics.

Stone told BBC One's Breakfast "this thing has haunted me".

"By truncating it into three hours, we lost things that were important. This version allows you to immerse yourself in the classical world."

Stone did not say when the DVD would be released.

A second version, released in 2005, was the shortest to date, with a running time of 168 minutes.

Stone's film about the 11 September terrorist attacks, World Trade Center, opened in the US last month.

Well received

Starring Nicolas Cage, the film tells the true story of two police officers who were thought to have been the last people pulled from the Twin Towers.

Oliver added he may also make a more political film about the aftermath of 9/11.

"I think it was used to promote a radical agenda by a political party in America," he said.

"Five years on the world is in far worse shape, more terror, more fear, more war," he added.

Most reviews have been positive, with many praising the film's sensitivity.

The film is released in the UK at the end of September.

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