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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 August 2006, 10:12 GMT 11:12 UK
'Wrong Guy' could inspire movie
Guy Goma being interviewed on BBC News 24
Guy Goma found himself being interviewed on News 24

The man who became a celebrity after he was mistaken for an internet expert and interviewed on BBC News 24 could see a film made about his story.

The incident involving Guy Goma is the basis for a film being planned by Alison Rosenzweig, who produced the 2002 Nicolas Cage film Windtalkers.

"If they want to do a movie, I don't mind talking with them," Mr Goma, 38, told the Associated Press news agency.

The unemployed computer technician had been at the BBC for a job interview.

But the graduate from the Congo gained worldwide attention in May after a mix-up saw him interviewed on air instead of Guy Kewney, editor of Newswireless.net.

'Kind of famous'

BBC News 24 later brought Mr Goma back to the studio to talk about the incident.

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If the moguls want to hear what REALLY happened, they know where to find me...
Simon Waldman,
Morning editor, BBC News 24

"He's a fun, kind of internationally famous person that I think is an interesting source for movie material," Ms Rosenzweig said.

"We're developing the project, and hopefully we'll be able to set it up on a major studio."

She added that the amount of money Mr Goma could make would depend on the financing of the project.

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