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Last Updated: Friday, 18 August 2006, 10:04 GMT 11:04 UK
Tribes try UK life for Channel 4
A pygmy hunting in Uganda
A group of pygmies will be taken hunting on their UK expedition
Tribes from remote parts of the world are to be brought to the UK by Channel 4 for a documentary series.

Reverse Anthropology aims to turn the traditional formula - where a UK film-maker experiences life with distant tribes - on its head.

Members of a tribe of pygmies will take part in a British hunting expedition and report back on their experiences.

Channel 4 deputy head of documentaries Simon Dickson said: "It's about time we turned the mirror on ourselves."

Huge challenge

"While we're often baffled and amused by the customs of communities on the other side of the globe, this series will show that some of our rituals - the gym, queuing, getting drunk on a Friday night, golf, showing a lack of respect to our elders - look pretty peculiar to outsiders too," he added.

Channel 4 hopes the series, due to air next year, will act as a counterpoint to programmes like BBC Two's Tribe, which sees Bruce Parry explore different cultures from around the world.

Programme-makers are hoping to take a tribe from the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu to the UK. On one of the islands which makes up Vanuatu, Tanna, locals worship the Duke of Edinburgh as their divine leader.

Series producer Will Anderson, of production company KEO Films, said: "It will be a huge challenge, but if we get it right it will be both highly illuminating and thought-provoking."

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