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My Sharona singer given brain op
Doug Fieger
My Sharona was inspired by a woman who "induced madness"
The leader singer of US band The Knack, best known for the 1979 hit My Sharona, has had two brain tumours removed during an operation in Los Angeles.

Doug Fieger is expected to recover fully, said his physician, Dr John Yu.

His group have cancelled a US tour, which was supposed to take place this month, as a result of his illness.

The Knack sold six million copies of their debut album Get The Knack, which included My Sharona and achieved gold status in less than two weeks.

'Powerful presence'

Fieger was inspired to write My Sharona - revealed last year as one of the 250 songs on the iPod of US President George W Bush - following a long-term relationship.

"I had never met a girl like her, ever," he told the AP news agency in 1994.

"She was a very powerful presence.

"She had an insouciance that wouldn't quit. She was very self-assured."

He went on: "She also had an overpowering scent, and it drove me crazy."

In the interview, Fieger was frank about a spell of drug abuse, claiming he "should have died for a number of years".

"I have this feeling that human beings are allowed so much alcohol in their lives and so much drugs, and I just used mine up - and a couple of other people's, too," he said 12 years ago.

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