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Monday, 15 November, 1999, 15:24 GMT
Charlotte's millennium dilemma
Charlotte's risen from schoolgirl to superstar in little over a year

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Teenage singing sensation Charlotte Church can't decide how to see in the millennium - she is juggling invitations from the Queen, Pope John Paul and President Clinton.

She's been asked to sing for the Pope in Rome, the Queen at the Millennium Dome in London and President Clinton in the US - along with an invitation to appear at an event at the pyramids in Egypt.

Charlotte's new album follows the success of Voice Of An Angel
Charlotte has not made her mind up which invitation to accept but may not automatically put Queen and country first at the Dome.

"It is just going to be elitist. I don't think it will be much of a party," she said.

"I don't think people will be dancing on the tables. I can't imagine the Queen doing that, anyway."

The 13-year-old, whose new album, Charlotte Church, is expected to rocket up the charts, has gone from unknown schoolgirl to international star in a little over a year.

Her debut album, Voice Of An Angel, went double platinum in Britain and platinum in the US when it came out last autumn.

"I went from living a normal life, going to school in Cardiff every day... then my life went kind of mad," she said.

Worldwide exposure

On 1 November she sang in a global television commercial for car giant Ford that was seen by around a billion people.

Said to be worth an estimated 10m, Charlotte's fortune is in a trust until she's 21. For the moment she gets a 50-a-month allowance.

She isn't the only member of her family whose life has changed out of all recognition.

Her mum, Maria, 33, has given up her job as a council housing officer to be her daughter's personal assistant. Her father James, 34, has just given up his job installing burglar alarms to be her chaperon.

"I only do all of this because I enjoy it," said Charlotte. "Mum, Dad and I have had plenty of long talks about it all and they both said if I want to give it up tomorrow I just have to tell them.

"I love singing and as long as that stays the same I'll carry on."

Charlotte, the youngest female singer to top Britain's classical charts, said she still has at least one unfulfilled ambition - to sing a duet with pop stars Madonna, Ricky Martin or Will Smith.

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